Friday, January 02, 2015

Lords Family Letter!!

    Happy New Year to Everyone-We hope that 2014 was a wonderful year full of memories made with those you loved!!!  This last year was full of alot of things for our family! It felt like we were constantly on the move and with 5 kids-that probably will always be the norm around here.

 Whitney (12) has really grown up. She grew 6 inches since last year and she loves being taller than mom.  She is started off the year playing AAU Basketball and then Soccer in the Spring.  Again playing AAU Summer basketball and this Fall she tried out for the school Volleyball team and made the B team-having never played before. She has natural athletic ability and was able to catch on quickly to game. She had quite a number of Aces, kills and a block or two at the net. She is going to work hard to make the A team next year. As soon as Volleyball ended, school basketball started and she made the A team ofcourse and enjoyed a wonderful season.  Her team beat every team they played against-having lost only 2 games against opponents they also won against.  They ranked 2nd in the District. She is now starting AAU basketball again and cannot wait to see how this season goes.  When she isn't running around doing sports-she earns money by walking the neighborhood dogs and babysitting.  She turned 12 this last year and fully enjoys being in Mutual and going to the activities and loves her Young Women Leaders. She is very close to earning her first Value ribbon for Personal Progress!!  She is doing great in school and we are so proud of her efforts. She wants to be an Oncologist.

Amber (10) also had a fun year.  This last spring she was in the chorus in her school's musical 101 Dalmations and played basketball that Winter. She scored a few points and was an aggressive player.  She tried out for the AAU team for this coming year and made the JV team but decided to focus on Soccer as far as sports.  Amber loves soccer and after a 2 year break-was excited to get back into the game.  She loves playing Defense and Goalie and had some great blocks.  We are excited to cheer her on when she starts Soccer again in the Spring.  She loves Video games, Art and dancing. She won an award for Art at school and her entry is in the top 3 for the School's Year Book Cover. She is constantly drawing and creating things in her free time. She was able to go with her school choir and sing at the Boise's Winter Garden Aglow at the Botanical Gardens.  She will be auditioning for her school's next musical this month! She still goes to speech therapy and we are so proud that she scored Average in her yearly testing for the first ever. She continues to progress and grow and it's exciting to see how far she has come. Her Map score jumped 20 points!!  She is very giving and loves animals. She wants to care for animals -perhaps own a kennel or shelter.

Brooke (7) is doing so many great things.  She started the 1st grade and loves her teacher.  She is at the top of her class and is reading everything she can.  She loves that she can read chapter books now.  She also was in the chorus for last years school musical 101 Dalmations and will be auditioning for the part of Marie in next years school musical of Disney's Aristocats.  She played soccer in the Fall for the first time ever and loved playing with her friends.  She is working on her basketball dribbling to get ready for next year when she will start that sport. Which is good because she is tall-4'3. For now Soccer will continue into the Spring.  She has been a tough girl this year as well-many dr and dentist appointments and her first upcoming surgery on possible skin cancer lesions this month.   She is a delight and so sweet. She loves playing with her sister Megan and drawing as well.  She enjoys making crafts!  She wants to become a teacher and a mom.

 Trevor is definitely all boy.  He loves to bug his sisters as much as possible but still is super sweet at times. He has fun when we go swimming as a family and can't wait to start swim lessons this summer.  He loves the Seahawks much to Dads dismay and is always cheering for them.  He loves playing with cars and trucks and singing too. He jumps right in when his sisters are dancing to music and is always on the move. He likes to play video games as well and playing with any type of sport ball he can get his hands on. He started Preschool this year and has loved it!!  I get to teach him and it's great to see how his little brain works.  He gets to start Kindergarten next year!!

Megan is such a cutie.  She is growing so fast and her heart hasn't slowed her down a bit.  We feel so blessed that she isn't on any heart medication for her VSD and are awaiting to hear back how much it has closed this next month.  It's still there because we can hear it but we are hoping it will continue to not interfere with her development.  She is just starting to talk and say things-though she is still so quiet mostly-unless she is mad.  She is so curious and creates quite the messes around the house. Her favorite thing right now is to color on any and all surfaces if she is provided the means to do so-and mom isn't watching.  She loves playing dress up, dolls and anything disney princess.  SHE LOVES FROZEN!!!  She graduated out of her crib this last year and now shares a bunkbed with Brooke.  I cannot believe our baby is a toddler and growing so fast.  She gets extra cuddles all of the time for that reason-whether she likes it or not.

Joe is still busy as a Project Manager/Superintendent with a Custom Homes builder locally and is enjoying it still.  He is in his element working with homeowners and schedules. He is great at what he does.  He is still the Ward Clerk and that keeps him busy as well.  When he can find the time, he likes to work out at the gym and take our family swimming on the weekends or on outings. Arin keeps busy running the home and toting the kids around to school, sports and doctors. She is still a Paparazzi consultant and loves that she can do it in what little spare time she has-mostly from home. She is the Compassionate Service Leader and Activity Day Leader for the 8 year olds in our Ward. As a family we were able to visit Wyoming to witness our niece get baptized in Martins cove. It was such a wonderful experience. I could definitely feel the Spirit of the Lords as we drove into the parking lot.  We also were able to visit with the Stoker side of the Family during Thanksgiving and enjoy time with cousins. We have been truly blessed and know that all good things we have received come from our loving Heavenly Father.  We are working on doing the little things in our home-Family home evening and scripture study where we can and we know we are blessed by our efforts. Having the strength of our faith has pulled us through tough times and given us joy as well. Our Family wishes yours the best in 2015 and many more fond memories ahead!

Monday, November 03, 2014

WOMEN-WHO you are-How you are treated?

I'm just curious-How many of you women if money was no issue-would choose to be a stay at home mom or to work???  Here is how I feel about it. As a woman-I do not feel inferior to men because I choose to stay home with my children. I do feel empowered because I will be able to teach my children to be responsible citizens because I will know that when they are in my house under MY care-I will know what they have learned.  I won't have to worry about what someone else is teaching them at Daycare or what kind of bad habit they will pick up at a young age or whether they will be missing mommy.  I get to decide what they learn and how and teach them respect, manners and self sufficiency. I get to volunteer in their school classrooms and supplement what they aren't learning there at home-because I know.  My kids will see a mother who cares for them more than money. My kids will see a father who works hard to provide that for them among all the other temporal needs they have.  Because both parents love them more than a bigger house, a second vehicle, a dream vacation, newest released electronic, or even cable tv.  I understand those who work out of necessity because they have to-they are a widow, divorced, their husband is unemployed or there just isn't enough at the end of the month. I get that-I even run a small direct sales business myself to help pay for things for my own family-but i get to choose my hours and when I work. And I don't have to do it if i don't want to.  If finances weren't an issue-and you women had a choice to stay at home with your kids or have a career-which would you want to do????   Am I alone in feeling that raising my kids is my responsibility?  Think about the % of time you actually interact with your kids on a weekly basis....(not counting when they are sleeping).  Are you raising your kids-or is someone else???  Do you want to raise your kids or are you happy handing that off to someone else??
ALSO I am so tired of the argument that Women aren't equal with MEN.  As time has gone on this feminine way of thinking is making a few things less and less observed in our culture. Women aren't respected as women as much because of women trying to be like men.  Why do we do this to ourselves.  I love being a woman-I love dressing up when the occasion calls for it-lace is so feminine!! I love taking care of my kids!! I love when a gentleman opens the door for me out of respect to my gender. I love  how when I was younger boys were taught to not speak foul language in front of women, to let them go ahead in line, etc. I don't want to be a man. I don't want to lose being treated like a lady.  I absolutely love that my husband wants to protect me-even though I don't feel that I am weak-i recognize he is physically stronger and that he instinctively takes on that role.  I love that I am tender-hearted and compassionate and want to be there for my friends always. Am a I in the minority of women-am I just a lost romantic?  If women want to be equal to men-then they shouldn't complain when they start being treated like men.  I however want to be a woman-and want to be treated like a lady. So lets here it ladies-what is your opinion???

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We are painting our house!!!  It is going from our green/brown colors to this color shown below-I am so excited!!!  I will post some before and after shots when I am done!!!  

Playing catch up

Well it's been so busy with school ending and summer starting!!  Here are pics from April and May  to catch you all up on what we've been doing.  Fun Family Home Evening-Reading books: Our lesson was on learning from good books-knowledge and we also got to do a little service for eachother too!!

Girls in their 101 Dalmation Musical!!

Birthday Boy-turns 4!!

And goes to Monster Trucks with Dad!!

Whitney Ran in a Triathalon!! 

Spring Soccer-Brooke's first season and Whitney made a comeback!


Trip to Martin's Cove (Casper Wy) for baptism!

Kindergarten Graduation!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Basketball Season has been keeping me super busy!!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I get compliments all of the time about my jewelry I wear and I absolutely love telling them THANK YOU IT'S ONLY $5!!! Then I wait for that moment when their shock turns into curiosity and then explain that I sell Paparazzi Jewelry. I don't post much about my business on my blog....but I HAVE TO right now before the SHOPPING season is upon us!!!  In August I got to go to Las Vegas for Paparazzi's Convention where they showcased their new Fall line and I have to tell you it is GORGEOUS!  Even though I have been a consultant for almost 2 years, I am still in awe that this jewelry is $5 and NICKEL and LEAD FREE!!
 It is fabulous and Paparazzi is always adding new items. This fall they have added Hippie Headbands- I am so excited about these because my daughters have larger than normal heads (off the charts because of Gorlins syndrome) and are growing out of the Regular U shaped headbands I sell.  Brooke still wears the regular ones everyday and I was dreading the day that they no longer worked for her--Amber hit that milestone even before I knew about Paparazzi Accessories.  Anyway the headbands are going to be excellent for them and anyone else who wants a different look and you can do so many things with them-so much fun.

They also added some more Lanyard styles-AMAZING!!!  All you teachers, nurses, office staff and factory workers will love these-they are soo cute and fabulous and only $5!!!

Now here is the MOST IMPORTANT thing-CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! How many of you have got your lists ready or are trying to do some early shopping to get some of that list taken care of???  Wouldn't it be awesome to buy your mother-in-law a fabulous Necklace set or your daughter and her friends some amazing earrings?  How about an easy stocking stuffer for the little Divas-Paparazzi has some adorable Jewelry for little girls and they are only $1!!!  Christmas shopping can be a one stop shop with all the ladies on your list and it can be AFFORDABLE!!!  And you can buy something for you too!!!  Because it is only $5!! You can save your money to go towards those BIGGER purchases (or even bills)!!!!

Lastly I just want to share that I LOVE what I do.  It's fantastic that I can help empower women to feel beautiful about themselves for only $5!!  I am one of those women who puts everyone before myself and never really buy anything for myself beyond the necessary items. I would have guilt just in buying my favorite facial cleanser and moisturizer because I considered them luxury items. Sound like any of you??  I walked into my first Paparazzi party and saw some cute earrings for only $5-I had $5!!! So I bought them! And guess what? I felt like a million bucks!!  I get to help women feel that way every time I sell something!!   This Holiday season is the best time to be a Paparazzi Consultant because everyone has gift giving to do-and $5 is a wonderful price for gorgeous jewelry!!  IF you are interested, I would love to talk to you about signing up and joining my team $5 Fashionistas!!  You take home 45% of sales plus there is no demonstrations!! 
e-mail me at  or find me at

Friday, July 05, 2013

Family Picture Timeline!

Aug 2001
                                                                         Aug 2002
                                                                           Dec 2002
Aug 2004

January 2005

April 2006
June 2006
July  2007
Sep 2007 
Dec 2007
                                                                             July 2008
July 2009
July 2010
                                                                             July 2012
                                                                         Sept   2012